Kiss and tell, what does he really mean when he kisses?

What does his kiss mean?

If it’s love, if it really is
it’s there, in his kiss

Girls spend a lot of their time trying to interpret a lip lock. ‘Is he into you, or not,’ is on your mind while you continually destroy petal after petal from a bloom. It’s common for girls to want to figure out what this recently felt peck, tongue lock really means. Blame it on the song (shoop shoop song), romantic flicks and passion love reads. Excluding you, it seems that everyone can decipher a kiss and place it exactly on how far the relationship would go.

I’ve had a few sloppy ones too and ironically everyone felt like it would last. Now that I’ve grown older and wiser (a few greys to prove this) I am most thankful that I no longer believe in fiction feelings. It all comes down to how passionate your guy is and how you like your kiss to be, period.. Truly speaking there’s nothing to dissect about what he really means through his kiss. Did I just burst your bubble? Like some men would say, “Don’t judge me by my kiss!”

But yes there are kisses and more kisses in life, and understanding every kind of kiss is what you might just be interested in. Generally this curiosity is mirrored in teens / tweens and sometimes even adults who’ve only recently experienced their first kiss or believe that every lip smack is their first. But I hate to accept the fact that understanding a kiss is what every woman is curious about. Here’s a brief (not literally) insight into kisses for us miss-es!

Cheeked it – A peck on the cheek does not really mean that he is not interested. He’s probably trying to be really nice to you and not jump on you. Sometimes a slow start to a kiss-ation is good. But don’t just get too optimistic about the kiss on the cheek, it could also mean that he wants to “just be friends!” Either ways, don’t read too much into this kiss, you’d rather wait and see how it pans out. A slow romance build up is sweet and has a lot to look forward to.

Close-mouth – You’d understand this peck on the lip when it’s gentle, but with closed mouth. Good news is that he might be interested in you, is respectful, gentle and does not want to grab hold of your lips at the very first sight of it. Move on if he continues to be tight lipped about his kisses even over a period of time. Else check your breath; probably that’s driving away the juicy ones.

Pecks n more pecks – Fiery rapid pecks can get your pulse racing, but it’s an indication in itself to take it slow and not rush into anything. Undoubtedly affectionate, these pecks give you room to talk, smile, say some quick “mmmm’s” and tells your mind when to stop. You might just want to give this boy a green flag (of course after a few dates, the whole reason for this pecky kiss) coz he’s surely digging you but at the same time making sure he’s taking it a-step-at-a-time.

French- The most adventurous of kisses and kissing experts have further branched it down to a few more. But to keep it simple; French kisses are nothing standard but more like a hot passionate tongue tango, or a neat unrehearsed ballet in the mouth. There is a lot of craving for each other exposed with this kiss and it can get anyone’s hormones jagged up. If it’s French he’s giving you on your first date/time out, you might want to notch it down a bit. Well.. the decision however is entirely yours, coz we understand what fiery kisses can lead you to think (or not think).

Too much-a-French – Although there’s no such term as too much of French, but if a guy is really going for the tongues, gagging you and almost swallowing your face, understand that it’s a sensual relationship and the next step is probably your home or his. If you’re not ready yet and slow is how you would like it, make sure you tell him that (nicely). Sometimes if a guy is insecure about his sensuality he might or just does not feel your vibe, he might try to push you into thinking irrationally by literally swallowing you with his too-much-a-French.


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