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Dhoom 3 – Doom messages glorified

I was never interested in Dhoom 3 or any of it prequels and had no inclination watching it.

2 reasons I was dragged into watching Dhoom 3, the worst movie that even gives out a wrong message.

Aamir Khan, the only reason why anyone with a sane mind would have watched Dhoom 3. The second reason in my case was my kid, who was eager to watch the bike chases as seen in the movies promotional trailer.

What irked me are several things the stale storyline talks about, apart from it literally being a dredge. You want to walk out of the movie hall, and every instance you try to do so Aamir Khan comes to its rescue.

Dhoom 3

The bike chases though delightful at first, was quite predictable as you got to the end of the movie, provided you stayed that long.

When the movie was released, there was a cheesy pro...

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Women Facts on Female Feticide

women facts

Although there have been raids on sonography centres where most sex determination takes place, our offenders have found newer methods.

Female feticide is rampant in the country and according to these women fact figures, the need for a heir in certain cultures is now donning a criminal face.

So distraught are our people with having a male child that they do not think twice. Murdering a fetus is a crime! The fetus is a living being, it has a heart.

Even a 1.5 month old fetus has a heartbeat, which clearly  means aborting it, just because its a girl is a crime.

We need stricter laws to not just nab these criminals, including doctors and sonographists (technicians) who tactfully give away the sex of a child even before it is born. We want them punished for killing innocent fetus, who canno...

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best partner

Although change is constant, forced change is unacceptable. Support through all the change that happens for better or worse is what we (man / woman) need. To change your partner according to your whims and fancies would mean not letting them grow emotionally and spiritually.

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Sachin Tendulkar, more than just Cricket

India Sachin Tendulkar

The entire nation and cricket frenzy fans all over the world will continue to feel that void following Sachin Tendulkars retirement from cricket. It’s not just Indian cricket but the game in general that will continue to feel the loss of his legendary presence and game skill.

No sooner had Sachin announced his decision to retire, media shifted its focus on “The Legend,” “God of Cricket,” “Sachin Tendulkar,” “The man that made the world sit up and take notice of India and their cricketing sensation.”

His life, runs scored, his cricketing profession, and everything else that said Sachin Tendulkar was splashed in almost every channel dedicated to the game, news and even a few tele serials.

There is no doubt that Sachin has carved his iconic status into every cricket lover’s heart. Indee...

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